Board of Directors

Todd Kenworth

Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

An expert and senior executive in the HA business with over 20 years’ experience. Mr Kenworth has been a senior executive at a number of leading biotech companies including HTL Biotechnology France, the world leader in pharmaceutical HA production as well as Novozymes Biopharma, Denmark. He is currently the CEO of Hyamedix.

Michael Foldager

Founder, COO and Member of the Board

An experienced business executive within the HA business with over 10 years’ experience working in sales, marketing, regulatory affairs, business development and development of HA based technologies while at Novozymes Biopharma, Denmark. In addition, commercially responsible for two years of Biocatalysis business unit of Novozymes with annual revenues of close to 27 mio EUR . He is currently the COO at Hyamedix .

Dr. Tim Eviston

Member of the Board.                               

Dr Eviston is a Sydney, Australia based head and neck surgeon and entrepreneur.  He is the CEO of Sydney based biotech company Intravital , a company that translates clinical stage technologies from neuroscience, cell biology, drug delivery and device technologies into new therapies to prevent disability as well as clinical unmet needs.  Dr Eviston is also a leading head and neck surgeon having practiced worldwide.

Jesper Anderson

Member of the Board.                               

An experienced C-level executive that now works as investor and board member. After working 4 yrs with McKinsey & Company in Denmark and Australia he obtained 25 yrs+ experience from small to mid-size global life science/medtech/healthtech companies of with more than 10 yrs as CEO. He has  special interest and experience from scaling global businesses and making global partnerships.

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